Dove Stone Reservoir

How lucky we are to live right on the edge of the Peak District National Park. Jessie and Max live just 5 minutes away from the Spectacular Dove Stone Reservoir and Nature reserve. A complete lap of the reservoir is 2.6 miles for a human, but when you are a Cockapoo, running backwards and forwards and exploring every smell, its probably more like 5 miles !!

We come all year round but have to admit that Autumn, Winter and Spring are our favourite times, just because it gets so busy in the summer.

Playing 'Hide and Seek' with a dog never works, they always sniff you out and win !!

There is a peace and tranquility that can be found walking a dog in such a beautiful place. There are also plenty of easy Photo opportunities, that can make anyone look like a reasonable photographer !

Dove Stone is owned by United Utilites and managed by the RSPB. It is a great place to walk dogs and enjoy the wildlife. There is also an active sailing club.

This guide is downloadable from the RSPB website if you click on it

Learn more about Dove Stone by visiting the RSPB website HERE

Dog Bandana from Cubbly's

We recently came across a great small business that manufactures custom 
collars, leads, harnesses and bandanas. 
With lots of colourful handmade products on offer we placed an order for a couple of embroidered bandanas. The process was simple and done via Messenger. We chose the material, fastening style and added the names. Payment was by PayPal and the products arrived a couple of days later

Cubbly's online store can be found HERE or you can find them on Facebook HERE

We were kept up to date withe the order, during manufacture and before posting.
If you are running a small business this is the way to do it!

If you are looking for something a bit different that will make your dog stand out
from the pack check out what Cubbly's have to offer.

(Disclaimer.. We purchased the items, before offering to write the review, we made no 
financial gain and as such this is a genuine un-sponsored review)

Lake Windermere - Bowness

As I was working in Kendal I decided that Jessie and Max could come with me and we would spend some time at Lake Windermere after work was completed. 
Always keen on a trip in the car, Max was set, upright and attentive for the first minute, then fast asleep for the rest of the journey. Jessie on the other hand never really settles in the car and has been known to force herself to stay awake for 3 or more hour or more.

The lake was quite as its only February but the sun was out and the sky was blue. You cant beat a bit of rock pooling


You could be forgiven for thinking the next picture is of Jessie and her shadow, but its actually Max pretending to be a shadow.

You can dream about owning a fancy boat Jessie !

Although a few minutes on a floating jetty made us realise Max is never going to be a sailor. Spot the way he has lowered his center of gravity on the next picture, it wasn't even very choppy !!! He practically commando crawled off !

Max wasn't to impressed when one of the locals tried to attack him either !1

We saw a low flying RAF training plane too

Look at that blue sky! 
Dogs are allowed on the pleasure cruisers, but after Max decided he didn't like the jetty, 
we gave it a miss


So if you are in the lake district pay a visit to Windermere

Most of the pictures were taken on the coastal area around Cockshott Point, its just 5 minutes from the busy are of Bowness Bay.

Jessie and Max on tumblr

Always looking for new ways to share and express, we have branched out into the exciting world of tumblr the micro blogging platform.

We are not suggesting you all go out and set up an account, as we will still be here and on Facebook, Tts just another avenue to explore. However if you do use tumblr check us out and give us a follow !

You can find us on tumblr HERE or click on the picture above.

Meanwhile over on Facebook we are only a couple of dozen likes from hitting 2500. WOW !!

When we first set up our Facebook page, we never thought it would get so popular.
 Unfortunately Facebook employs weird algorithms that affect what you, our friends see.
Did you know for example, if you don't occasionally LIKE a post on a page you follow, Facebook decides to reduce the number of times future posts, appear on your timeline?
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Do you think of your dog as a family member ? 

Treat them as small humans with fur and four feet? 

If so how does this subconsciously affect your expectations of them? 
 You don't have to spend much time in a family environment with two dogs, to realise they may well have very different character traits. However when we fall into the trap of describing these traits as "personalities" are we doing them a disservice? 

Personality is defined as  

"the quality of being a person; existence as a self-conscious human being; personal identity." 

 When we describe a dogs characteristics as personality, we personify them. This in turn raises our expectations of them, to a level they may struggle to match

Going through life with 2 or 4 feet can be no fun, if we never live up to the expectations of those around us. Perhaps we could re-frame our thoughts and describe a dog in terms of his or her ...


...accepting your dogs uniqueness but also remembering your loyal friend is, a dog.
When we think in these terms, it becomes easier to accept a dogs limitations.

 No matter how much you train your pet, chances are he or she will still find squirrels distracting. 

No amount of training will educate your dog to wake up one morning and decide it's time to start a diet or join a gym. Lots of decisions, we have to make for our furry friends, and that's ok, because they are dogs. 

So what "dognality" traits does your dog have? Loyal, smart, friendly, shy, loveably daft or independent. 

 Dognality comes into it's own, as we consider a characteristic such as independence. Some dogs are happy to amuse themselves, watch out of the window and snooze. They are free spirits. But unlike independent humans, an independent dog still needs feeding, grooming and providing with all life sustaining sustenance, but not too much, that they become overweight. They are not independent in the same sense as humans, but when we fall in to the trap of thinking they are, we raise our expectations to high. 

Loving a dog is so much easier 
when we manage our expectations of them.
I originally wrote the contents of this post as a response to my son-in-law, when asked to share some thoughts for a book he was writing. If you can see sense in my take on dognality, you would probably enjoy reading his book. The Woofable Guide, download it...HERE

What to feed your dog


We predominantly feed our dogs Eden Holistic Food and have don for 4 years.

"Launched in September 2012 it is the first pet food with an 80% Meat content. 
The remaining 20% is made up from Fruit, Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals. 
Basically it is all the foods a dogs ancestors would have had access to and therefore, what a dogs digestive system is designed to cope with. 
Note, Eden Food contains NO grain or Gluten which is cheap and often used to bulk out commercial food, but has no food value to a dog." (from Edens Website)

We add warm water to the Eden, this softens it slightly but more importantly releases the meaty smell. Dogs don't find things attractive based on sight and colour, rather aroma. 

Within the last 12 months we have also started to use tinned food from Lily's Kitchen. 

"We believe that Lily’s Kitchen food is simply the best that you can feed your pet. We use healthy, natural and nutritious ingredients to help keep your furry friend in tip top condition, and never use any nasties like meatmeal. Everything we put into our proper food is carefully sourced and naturally wholesome, like the fresh meat we insist on. It’s why our recipes all smell and taste so delicious, and why our pets love it so much." (from Lilly's website)

 We added Lily's because Max had a bad month being ill regularly. Several visits to the vets including an overnight stay could not determine a cause. Other than a potential bug or picking up something he shouldn't whilst out walking we there seemed no reason for his problems. He lost about a Kg in weight and we considered all ways to gain this back. Anyone who has ever fed their dog Eden, will tell you, if you overfeed it will cause them to have diarrhea, the last thing we wanted.

We searched the internet to find an alternate food to give them, but just couldn't find anything that we thought, came up to Edens standard and price. Then we found Lily's Kitchen. Rated over 4.5 on the website All about dog Food . As a company they seemed to havee same ideals as Eden.

So we bought a pack of tins and tried adding to Max's regular Eden portions. Effectively increasing his food intake by 50%. Within 2 months he replaced the 1kg he had lost plus put on an extra 1kg for reserves! At 11kg with a trim waistline, he is probably now at his ideal weight. Jessie also likes an occasional spoon full on her Eden too.

We believe that we now have a choice of two excellent foods that are keeping our dogs fit, healthy and active.

Choosing food for your dog can be a minefield, which isn't helped by so many conflicting views. Ultimately you have to do your research and choose the best you can. Ours dogs have little choice in their diet so its our responsibility to consider and pick wisely.

Jessie and Max pictures by the talented Furrtography studios